Workplace Wellbeing & Staff Wellness Programs in Sydney

Stress is a natural part of life and inherent to any environment with deadlines and deliverables.  

But when stress goes unrecognised and without support to manage it, it affects the wellbeing, morale & the performance of your team.  

Wellbeing Solutions for Your Organisation

Turn UP Your Zen is a wellbeing venture located on Sydney’s North Shore, extending globally via the web.  Working with individuals and organisations, we teach the skills that reduce stress to create mindful teams through classes, workshops and staff development sessions at your place of work, or online, or a chosen venue.

We work with:

As a coordinator, teacher or manager, you know how important it is that people feel supported valued and appreciated.  Wellbeing affects attendance & performance, creating a ripple effect on the whole team or community. People can thrive in stressful environments where they are taught the self-care skills and mental health habits to deal with theirs and others stress.  

  • Discover how to enhance wellbeing, by prioritising the self care and collective care of your people.
  • Individuals can thrive in stressful environments where they are taught self care skills that help them recognise and manage their own stress and the stress of others.  Our scientifically backed wellbeing solutions give control to individuals to prevent burn out by taking better care of themselves mentally, physically & emotionally.

Ways we offer support to your organisation:

- Counselling

- Life Coaching 

- Wellbeing day/session facilitation

- Mindfulness & Meditation sessions

- Stress management sessions

- Retreats & staff developments days

Our scientifically backed wellbeing solutions give back control to individuals to take better care of their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, so they can be happier & healthier.

Book a free 15-min chat or contact Tania here for personalised services specific to your needs.

Meet Counsellor & Life Coach, Tania Burgess, and learn more about Turn UP Your Zen.

Upgrade the life skills of your team or individuals through one-to-one counselling or life coaching. Stress management, anger management & communication skills to enhance emotional intelligence and communication.

Be in touch to discuss Meditation & Mindfulness Course/Programs for your Team - They can take a  Learn to Meditate program either online or in-person at a time and venue of your choice. 

Bring mindfulness into your next staff development day or wellbeing day, creating a retreat vibe to replenish and rejuvenate.

Bring mindfulness to the workplace with one of our mindfulness walks or meditation courses.

Your Coach to Corporate Wellbeing

Tania Burgess, Certified Wellbeing Coach, Yoga & Meditation Facilitator, student of counselling and Founder of Turn UP Your Zen, with than a decade of experience working with organisations and individuals of all ages & genders.  

She is driven to motivate change through delivering relevant, scientifically proven wellbeing programs that create visible change in alignment with an organisation's goals.