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Relax, unwind and discover new ways of being, at one of our retreats. 

These retreats are available to everyone.  Come on your own, or bring a friend. 

They can be tailored to meet the needs of a workplace.

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Tania Burgess

Find Your Zen Weekend Retreat

Take a well-deserved break from the day-to-day, in an idyllic location away from the busyness of every day life.  During the weekend, you will practice yoga and meditation, developing the skills to quieten your mind, regulate your emotions & release tension. Life can be full on and this weekend is a chance to hit the reset button and refill your cup.

During this 2 day retreat, you will experience: 

  • Morning yoga, suitable for all levels and abilities; 
  • Morning tea (and coffee); 
  • Philosophical discussion & reflection;
  • Gourmet vegetarian lunch; 
  • Afternoon integration session, including meditation.;
  • Gourmet vegetarian dinner;
  • Women’s circle; and 
  • Yoga Nidra - deep relaxation.

Experience for yourself, the benefits of ancient practices, integrated with modern science at this dynamic, secular, weekend retreat.  

You can expect to progressively release accumulated tensions and move into deeper states of relaxation, awareness and connection over the course of the weekend.

This event is due to be scheduled soon. Leave your name & email, so we can advise you when the dates are released.

Enneagram retreat

Who Are You? Who Am I?

Kinder Respectful Relationships with the Enneagram

A 3-day weekend Retreat



I came to the Retreat to sit with some big decisions. I hoped to gain clarity and find some peace around my purpose and which way to move forward.

The experience and the insights I gained from the weekend has allowed me to discover an authentic sense of self. I can accept the way I feel, knowing I have the tools to choose how I respond. This means greater calm, clarity and purpose for me.

It was lovely to meet new people and share wonderful food during our meal breaks.

I don’t usually do yoga, but this yoga was different, more holistic and meditative…bringing me into the present.

Because of the design of the course, there is literally something for everyone to connect to, learn about themselves and grow from over this weekend.  Just do it!

What’s my potential?
Why do I sabotage myself?  What is my life’s purpose?
How can I create the changes that I dream of in myself and my life?
Why do others think, feel & behave so differently and how do I relate when we seem so different?

Millions of individuals are grappling with these questions, in the face of conflicting messages about who we should be, how to behave and what’s important in life.  We know we need to grow and evolve, but often the journey takes us away from where we want to go and it’s difficult to know when to go with it, and when to take control.

Enneagram retreat

At this 3 day retreat, you will explore body, mind and soul with daily yoga, meditation, and insightful exploration of the enneagram.

The enneagram - meaning map of 9 - is a spiritual & psychological tool, that offers deep insight into personality, including our motivations, fears & defence mechanisms that often lay buried in the unconscious layers of our personality.

It helps you to understand why & how it is that you are as you are,  supporting both emotional & spiritual growth.

As you deepen your awareness of what drives you, so too you deepen your understanding of others, cultivating kinder, respectful relationships built on peaceful connection & belonging.

What to expect Enneagram retreat

At this 3-day retreat, you will discover the wisdom of this ancient map, to better understand yourself and others. You will gain insight into the 9 different personality traits, delving into the core motivations, defence mechanisms & fears that lie in the unconscious layers of the psyche. You will discover how to recognise the qualities of each type and develop greater respect and appreciation for their gifts.

This retreat brings together the practice of yoga and meditation with the wisdom of the enneagram, so you can better understand your ‘self’, your colleagues, peers & loved ones; enhancing communication, understanding & connection to enjoy kinder, respectful and collaborative relationships.

It is a non-residential retreat, giving you the opportunity to split your time between home & the retreat space, enjoying the best of both during the long weekend, without the expense of travel & accommodation. 

During this 3 day retreat, you will gain:

  • Insight into the 9 personality types of the enneagram.
  • Recognise the passions & virtues of each type, including your "self".
  • Develop appreciation & empathy for yourself & others
  • Recognise blind spots & patterns that lead to self sabotage
  • Better boundaries
  • Understanding of yours & others fears & passions.
  • Development strategies for your emotional & spiritual growth.

Here’s how it will run:

After registration, you will receive a link to complete the enneagram questionnaire.  Upon completion, you will receive your  comprehensive 25-page personalised report, valued at $250 detailing your:

  •  Fears & defence mechanisms.
  • Dominant ways of expressing yourself.
  •  Primal motivations. 
  • Interaction style and conflict style.
  • What creates stress & drains your energy.
  • How to broaden your perspective.
  •   Developing empathy & compassion.

My name is Tania, I’m a certified enneagram coach, supporting people who are looking for answers to reduce conflict, overcome your obstacles, improve your relationships and create more joy, peace & happiness in their lives.


Retreat Details

  • Daily yoga &meditation
  • Full 25-page report of your enneagram profile, including recommendations for growth and development. Value $250, with invaluable content for a life of learning.
  • Daily delicious vegetarian lunch
  • Tea, coffee & Refreshments
5-7pm Friday Welcome and introduction
8am till 5pm Saturday:
8am Yoga & Relaxation 
9.30am Morning tea & coffee
10am till 1pm Exploration & discussion: The Enneagram – The 9 personality types explained – the core motivation of each revealed.
1pm Delicious Vegetarian Lunch 
2pm till 4pm: Exploration & discussion: The Enneagram –Subtypes and primal drivers – unlock that which creates self-sabotage.
4pm Meditation
5pm Retreat Day ends.
8am till 5pm Sunday:
8am Yoga & relaxation 
9.30am Morning tea & coffee
10am till 1pm Exploration & discussion: The Enneagram type wings - a new perspective.
1pm Delicious Vegetarian Lunch 
2pm till 4pm Conflict styles & how to get what you want
4pm Meditation
5pm Retreat Day ends.
8am till 3pm Monday:
8am Yoga & relaxation 
9.30am Morning tea & coffee
10am till 1pm Exploration & discussion: Recognising lines of stress for each type and pathways for growth and evolution
1pm Delicious Vegetarian Lunch 
2pm Closing comments & discussion
3pm finish.

The enneagram retreat is only offered once per year: A rare opportunity to discover what makes your and others tick. This is a non-residential retreat, giving you the opportunity to split your time between home & the retreat space, enjoying the best of both during the long weekend, without the expense of travel & accommodation. 

If joining with a partner, please view the bookings page for the special couple’s price, including discount code.

Places are strictly limited, so book now to avoid disappointment.

View the calendar below to find dates for the next retreat. 

Turn UP Your Zen


I joined Tania’s Kinder Relationships workshop because I wanted to transition to a more balanced lifestyle for my long-term health. After attending the Kinder Relationships retreat, I feel empowered to make better choices. Tania gave me a workable framework to understand myself and achieve the best outcomes, without needing people around me to make that change. It has improved my confidence to start making relationship choices and I feel very lucky to have chanced upon this kind of guidance!

This event is due to be scheduled soon. Leave your name & email, so we can advise you when the dates are released.

Mindfulness Walks

Sitting still in meditation isn’t for everyone and that’s why we host a moving meditation on the weekend, in the middle of each month, at a location on Sydney’s North Shore.  Bringing together mindfulness and the principles of Shin-rin Yoku (Japanese Forest Bathing), you will experience a meditative walk that quietens the mind and brings the senses alive so you feel calm and connected,

  • Saturday 17th June, 4-5pm
  • Sunday, 16th July , 9-10am
  • Saturday, 19th August , 4-5pm
  • Sunday,  17th September, 4-5pm
  • Saturday,  28th October, 4-5pm
  • Sunday, 19th November, 9-10am

If you have already purchased the class or a package, click here to be taken to the calendar to book your walk/s of choice. Please use the unique code you were sent when you signed up to complete the booking. 

Numbers are strictly limited, so book to avoid disappointment.

Meet Tania

Tania Burgess, Meditation Facilitator, Counsellor and Founder of Turn UP Your Zen, has more than a decade of experience working in the wellbeing industry.  

She is driven to help individuals change their lives through delivering quality retreats and classes that cultivate inner peace, clarity and connection.

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