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The Perfect Program tailored to meet your objectives

There's only one thing we are more passionate about than sharing the benefits of mindfulness & meditation, and that's sharing them in a way that meets YOUR objectives.

Our bespoke programs are created with your specific outcomes in mind. Whether you are looking for a chill session as part of a wellbeing day, or an in-depth program to enhance mental and physical wellbeing within your team or community, we can create the perfect experience.

We've worked with multiple organisations facilitating mindfulness & meditation experiences (through workshops, retreats, courses & programs) as well as teaching the life skills of how to meditate yourself.

  • Online or in person delivery
  • Half or full day sessions
  • Retreats
  • Courses

Bespoke programs are created with your specific outcomes in mind, including:

  • Reduced absenteeism &  presenteeism
  • Increased retention of skilled staff
  • To cultivate a positive working environment
  • Increased creativity & quality of work
  • Support for individuals with existing mental health conditions
  • Minimising stress brought on by change &/or restructuring
  • Minimising tension between individuals or groups
  • Increased engagement, collaboration and team morale
  • Improved focus, attention span, problem solving capabilities & decision making
  • Reduced levels of stress, counteracting stress & burnout
  • Increased working memory, especially under pressure
  • Greater capacity for self regulation of emotions, including increased ability to disengage from stressful situations
  • Increased capacity for connecting with others through empathy & compassion
  • Improved long term health & wellbeing

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Tania Burgess

Your bespoke training, delivered by Certified mindfulness facilitator, somatic attachment therapist & wellbeing coach, Tania Burgess.

Drawing on over ten years experience in the wellbeing industry, delivering programs in classrooms, studios, corporations and individuals.

Our programs support the wellbeing of every body, mind & heart.