Support the wellbeing of your most valued asset - your teaching & support staff

Practical, relevant & scientifically backed programs to:
  • Optimise the mental and physical wellbeing of your learning community
  • Increase self care and prevent burn out
  • Increase focus, creativity and problem solving abilities
  • Enhance communication, collaboration and community

Wellbeing Programs

The education system is under incredible strain due to staff shortages, a growing syllabus and high expectations from parents.

Whilst leaders in this sector navigate the way forward, those in the system are feeling the mental, physical & emotional load, and it's simply not sustainable.

Our programs teach individuals how to:

  • Recognise the signs of stress, fatigue & burn out
  • Apply the tools and practices that dispel stress in a healthy way
  • Practice exquisite self care as prevention, not just cure
  • Create & hold good boundaries

Recent research reveals compelling evidence that meditation and mindfulness counteract the stress of modern day life, making it beneficial to everyone. It does this by increasing personal awareness and self efficacy for meeting our own needs, in order to continue to meet the needs of others.

Our mindfulness offerings include:
Teacher Professional Development (PD)

Half and full day options to hit the reset button and develop new skills for managing your stress & stress in the classroom

You will learn to recognise signs of stress & implement techniques that bolster mindset, increase empathy, resilience and grit.

Ideal for teachers supporting special needs, HSC and teaching online.

Student Wellbeing

Half and full day options to hit the reset button and develop skills for managing stress & anxiety.

Students will learn to recognise signs of stress & implement techniques that bolster mindset, increase empathy, resilience and grit.

Ideal for HSC students.

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Communities we've worked with...

Wellbeing for children

The Wellbeing Generation starts with You

The wellbeing of our kids is influenced by the wellbeing of their parents and carers and that includes teachers.  When parents, teachers and carers are over-loaded, stressed and out of balance, their capacity to lead and respond is compromised. Not just for themselves, but the kids and  teens in their care.

There are 3 pillars to wellbeing: mental, physical & emotional. Optimising your mindset; your physical stamina, strength & fitness; and emotional health all impact each other, just as we humans impact on one another.

We work with the carers, teachers and parent's of today's youth, providing them with the life skills essential to managing stress and modelling stress management to kids and teens.

Working with your Community


Managing a classroom, delivering the syllabus, dealing with other teachers, parents and students can be stressful.

Our courses support teachers & carers with the techniques that reduce stress & overwhelm, increasing creativity and wellbeing.


Social media, academic pressures, dynamics at home within the family compromise teen wellbeing, contributing to anxiety and depression. 

Our courses support students to develop not just coping tools, but life mastery skills.

Turn UP Your Zen

Earning a living, raising a family and managing relationships can be some of the most stressful responsibilities. 

Our course empowers parents with coping skills for managing their emotional state, optimising their thinking and modelling wellbeing to their kids.

Don't see a program that suits your needs?
We offer bespoke programs tailored specifically with your outcomes in mind. 

Work with us to create an interconnected Wellbeing Hub in your community

Parents teachers students

If you're ready to be part of a future that includes an integrated mindfulness culture, we are here to teach the skills that support wellbeing goals and aspirations.

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Mindfulness skills are not just worthwhile, but essential to future proof of our community.


It's not enough to simply pay lip service to wellbeing.  Parents, teachers and carers are amongst the most stressed in the adult population.  Anxiety levels are rising in children, especially teenagers.

It’s time to break the cycle by modelling visible self care and mindful living to today's youth, who will be tomorrow's leaders.

Integrating mindfulness and meditation into your school community benefits everyone.  The ripple effect is far reaching over space & time. 

By not offering meditation, you are overlooking the essential skills tomorrow’s youth require for dealing with the stress associated with technology, uncertainty, social media and performance pressure.  There is the  risk of losing your best staff to organisations who are committed to visible wellbeing that nurtures growth and development of the whole person.  There are also children in your care at risk  because their parents and carers lack awareness for conscious parenting, that supports their kids ability to cope in a rapidly changing world.

The Benefits of Mindfulness & Wellbeing programs in the learning environment

  • Less burnout & great self-care
  • Reducing absenteeism & presenteeism;
  • Increasing retention of skilled staff;
  • Decreased social & performance anxiety;
  • Increased awareness of how to deal with depression & other difficult emotions;  
  • A positive working environment with increased creativity & quality of work; 
  • It supports individuals with existing mental health conditions and prevents the development of stress related issues brought on by change like restructuring;
  • Increased engagement, collaboration and morale;
  • Improved focus, attention span, problem solving capabilities and decision making;
  • Reduced levels of cortisol, lowering inflammation and counteracting stress & burnout, especially during assessments;
  • Increased working memory, especially under pressure;
  • Greater capacity for self regulation of emotions, including increased ability to disengage from emotionally upsetting situations;
  • Increased capacity for connecting with others through empathy & compassion.

Here's what happens when you practice mindfulness

You may be thinking that for mindfulness to be effective, you must practice for lengthy periods over an extensive amount of time, and that's simply not true.  

Whilst consistent, regular practice yields best results, the benefits can be experienced right away by simply practicing for just 5 minutes. 

Perhaps more importantly in the learning environment, successful engagement with mindfulness is increased when the practice is relevant to the needs of the individuals.

This is made easy with a variety of techniques that lend themselves to the objectives of the teachers & parents to support wellbeing of everyone within the community.

Personal Awareness Increases

Mindfulness shifts culture by raising the personal awareness of the individual.

It brings them back to what's in their control.  

Reducing wasted mental energy.

Unconscious to Conscious

As awareness shifts from external influences (people, circumstances, results etc) to internal influences, individuals become aware of their patterns of thinking and feeling that drive behaviour.  


Increased Personal Responsibility

Choice is born out of an empowered personal understanding of how an individual can influence their state.  Its here that mindfulness develops skills to regulate thoughts, feelings and actions, overcoming self sabotaging patterns of behaviour.

Reduced Negative Emotions

When individuals recognise that their state of mind is within their control, environments see a reduction in drama expressed as blame, negativity, victimhood and reactivity. 

Subsequent increases in cooperation & affiliation take place.

Increased Personal Leadership

As mindfulness and meditation teach individuals how to recognise their patterns, they are able to take personal responsibility for their actions.  

This is the practice of self leadership.  

Self leadership is a strong indicator of healthy leadership of others, including compassion.

Reduced Burn Out - Increased Self Care

Mindfulness brings attention to the patterns & conditioning that perpetuate work/life imbalance.  With increase self awareness, self care through healthy boundaries, positive diet & lifestyle changes lead to replenished reserves, increased resilience & creativity.

Tania Burgess

Meet your mindfulness coach

Tania Burgess, Life coach, Therapist, Meditation Facilitator, and Founder of Turn UP Your Zen, has more than a decade of experience in the wellbeing industry, working in classrooms, school halls & staff rooms.

She is driven to help individuals change their lives through delivering quality coaching that cultivates clarity, confidence and peace of mind.