Stress is a natural part of life, but when it reduces your ability to be present at work or at home, you can feel hopeless, disappointed & alone.

It affects your wellbeing, including your energy, mindset and relationships with others. 

Learn how to become clear, confident, relaxed & focused.

Wellbeing Solutions for You.

Turn UP Your Zen is located on Sydney’s North Shore, extending globally via the web. We work with individuals and organisations, teaching people how to reduce stress and conflict through one to one counselling and life coaching as well as live events and retreats.

Learn how to increase your self-esteem & feel more calm & connected.

As a student, graduate, parent, employee or partner, every stage of life brings its own demands. When you don't know how to deal with new and difficult situations, the stress reduces your ability to focus & be present.  Our scientifically backed wellbeing solutions give you back control, so you can be happier & healthier, moving in the direction of your goals.

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Life Coaching 



Ways we support you.

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Book a Private Counselling or Coaching, in-person or online session, with a certified Life Coach.

Take a Meditation & Mindfulness Course/Program - Learn to Meditate either online or in-person.

Treat yourself to a multi-day or single-day Retreat.

Find peace and take in an hour of nature at one of our Mindfulness Walks.

Turn UP Your Zen model
Our mission is to see you thrive in the face of life’s challenges. Through one to one sessions and/or group programs, we help you develop healthy boundaries, exquisite self care practices and mental health hygiene.

Our programs help you live mindfully with exquisite self-care and healthy boundaries.

Our 3 pillars of wellbeing include:

  • Mindset – get clear, calm, focused & present, with healthy thinking, processing, planning and action taking.
  • Diet & lifestyle – sort out your diet, get enough sleep, find the best exercise for you.
  • Relationships & communication – discover what motivates you and what drives others & how to bridge the gap between

Naomi Liddle

One to one coaching

I first met Tania during wellbeing sessions held at my place of work.

This laid the groundwork for working with her one to one, to improve my thought processing and make positive changes in my life. 

Working with her has led to many changes, including a new job that increased my income and met the needs of my family.  I developed my own business and started to believe in myself.   But what has changed specifically is how I see myself and how I relate to others. I’m now aware of my personality traits that influence my judgement of self. 

I now see the internalised process and assumptions that have limited my professional and personal life.  

I'm learning to choose what is the right path for me rather than passively allowing others to dictate my path and I've made positive changes to ensure I continue maintaining my happiness at work and at home.

Tania is my mentor and a guiding light. 

Each session is thought provoking, delivered with kindness and caring, bringing me back to being accountable for my own thoughts and actions. I can honestly say, she’s better than any other counsellor I’ve ever had. 



Find Your Zen participant

I've done a few meditation courses over the years and what I liked about this one, is Tania keeps it real, drawing on her many experiences of life and how meditation can help you manage the worst of it.

Her expert tuition comes from integrating these practices into real life, not some idealistic dogma that is unattainable for every day people.

She's the real deal, living it as well as knowing her stuff.



Find Your Zen participant

You find a tremendous sense of calm - a feeling that stays with you whether you're at work, with your family or managing daily challenges. 
Tania gently and expertly guides you through the program, offering a new perspective and a positive way forward. With practice, this new approach can have a huge impact on your experiences.

Your Coach to Calm

Tania works with individuals to help them get clear, find their calm and change the way they respond to the world around them.  She does this through one to one sessions and group events, including retreats and programs.

Her mission is to enhance the quality of people’s lives, creating visible change towards their dreams and goals.