Enhance the wellbeing of your retired community.

Practical, scientifically proven mindfulness and wellbeing programs to:

  • Optimise mental and physical wellbeing of your ageing community
  • Deal with pain, anxiety, grief & depression
  • Increase mobility, mood, connection & joy

Mindfulness Meditation & Mindful Movement Programs for Seniors

Mindfulness Meditation 


It may feel normal to be stressed out, over-thinking, zoning out or becoming irritated, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  

Your inner world creates your experience of the outer world.  

By learning how to manage that inner world, you take back control and create clarity & inner peace.

This program can be offered as a course or ongoing class.

Mindful Movement


Decreased mobility has a domino effect, impacting the functioning of the digestive system and affecting mental health. 

Incorporating mindful movement, this program incorporates movement from the comfort of a chair to increase strength and flexibility.

The mindful movement program can be offered as a course or ongoing class.

Wellbeing Workshops 

Samantha, Social Coordinator, The Landings


Social Coordinator, The Landings Retirement Village

"I reached out to Tania to organise mindfulness & chair yoga classes in the retirement village where I work. Tania is an exceptional teacher and our residents love her classes, finding her style very calm and caring."



Resident at The Landings Retirement Village

"I always look forward to our classes with Tania. Each week, I have a deeper sense of calm, less anxiety about ‘what ifs’ and am better able to enjoy life in the present. Very inspirational."

Mental health and wellbeing are impacted by diet, sleep, relationships and more. That’s why our workshops and programs are designed to motivate healthy lifestyle habits and practices.

Popular Workshops with our seniors include:

  • A perfect Night's Sleep;
  • Optimising Gut Health;
  • Ayurveda - the Wisdom of How to Eat, not What to Eat;
  • The Art of Peaceful Communication;

Mindful Movement Program

It may seem natural and normal to lose mobility, strength and flexibility as you age. Mindset influences your capacity to stay active and your ability to stay active influences your mindset. So when it's not possible to stand or walk unaccompanied, the options for movement are reduced significantly.

Our mindful movement program brings together the ancient teachings of yoga with the modern Neuro science of mindfulness to deliver a 60-minute session that:

  • Increases circulation;
  • Improves quality of breathing;
  • Soothes the nervous system;
  • Increase flexibility of the upper & lower body;
  • Improves posture; 
  • Increases bone density;
  • Builds muscle strength & tone; 
  • Improves sleep;
  • Enhances mood.
Turn UP Your Zen


Resident at The Landings Retirement Village

After working with Tania, I feel I am starting to relax more. My sleep has improved and I enjoy the social side. I’ve been encouraging  a lot of friends around the village to come and give it a try; having a lovely teacher makes it so worthwhile.”

Active senior woman practicing yoga on chairs

What's Included

Each session is 60 minutes long, consisting of:

  • 45 mins of movement, including mobilising of the joints
  • Strengthening of upper and lower limbs
  • Stretching muscles in the spine, legs & arms
  • mobilising the shoulders and neck.
  • 15 minutes of guided mindfulness meditation

Sessions are client led, taking into account the specific needs of the students.

All activities are done either sitting in a chair or using a chair for support.

All props are included, excluding the chairs 

Turn UP Your Zen Course overview

Why Mindful Movement?

  • In person meetings every week
  • Face-to-face tuition, adjustments & feedback.  All questions answered
  • Access to online resources and meditation recordings
  • Highly experienced facilitator
  •  Warm, welcoming, safe & inclusive approach
  • No prior meditation or mindfulness experience necessary
  • Practical, scientifically proven techniques that work

What's covered

  • Introduction to meditation and the power of your breath
  • Keys to Mindfulness explained and incorporated in and out of class
  • Nature as Meditation
  • Emotion Regulation
  •  Mastering your inner peace, love & connection

It's a time of discovery...

Step into being more present each and every moment

This isn't about controlling everything that is happening outside of yourself, it's about controlling what's happening inside, how you think, react, reflect, process, feel, act and speak.

  • Focus your mind & be present
  • Slow the busy over thinking mind
  • Deal with reactivity, anger, anxiety, grief & frustration
  • Create inner peace & calm
  • Cultivate happiness & joy
  • Reduce panic, overwhelm & confusion
  • Increase clarity & concentration
  • Breathe correctly
  • Recognise the thoughts and feelings that create stress & imbalance
  • Improve your communication & relationships
  • Experience more harmony & connection with your environment & everyone/everything in it
  • Activate your body's relaxation response
  • Enhance your ability to be present
  • Build your capacity for "letting things go"
  • Increase your connection to others
  • Decrease your reactivity
  • Calm your busy mind
  • Raise your personal awareness
  • Soothe the sympathetic nervous system
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Increase resilience & stamina
  • Reduce anxiety, insomnia & depression
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce the stress hormone production that affects inflammation levels
  • Increase your ability to self regulate emotions

Experience for yourself

Experience for yourself, the benefits of ancient practices, integrated with modern science at this Mindful Movement  program.

If your world feels like its getting smaller because you are not as mobile, it could be time to learn how and practice of mindfulness, so you can live with more acceptance, joy and a state of presence.


Mindfulness Meditation Program

Take back control, create clarity, peace and focus in your life

6 Techniques + 6 Weeks = Calm, clear & present

Find Your Zen

Reduce stress and anxiety. Improve your sleep, your relationships and quality of life.

Learn 6 meditation techniques in 6 weeks to claim your calm.
Why join Find Your Zen?
  • In person meetings every week
  • Face to face tuition and feedback and questions answered
  • Access to online resources and meditation recordings
  • Highly experienced facilitator
  • Warm, welcoming, safe environment
  • No prior meditation experience necessary
  • Practical, scientifically proven techniques that work
  • You can revisit the course or single sessions as many times as you like.
What's covered:
  • Introduction to meditation and the power of your breath
  • Keys to Mindfulness
  • Nature as Meditation
  • Mantra & Mindset  Meditation
  • Emotion Regulation meditation 
  • Mastering your inner peace, love & connection
Find Your Zen today

What's Included

Each session is 60 minutes long and you will discover a new meditation technique

Set goals for your mental health and wellbeing and be supported in reaching them

Discover the technique that helps you achieve your goals

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Meet Tania

Tania Burgess

Tania Burgess, Certified Wellness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Facilitator, and Founder of Turn UP Your Zen, has more than a decade of experience working in the wellbeing industry.  She works  with well known corporates to implement workplace mindfulness and meditation programs to assist business support and optimise workplace mental and emotional wellbeing. 

The training we provide draws on existing programs developed through years spent in offices, studios and corporations working with both groups and individuals across a variety of industries.

We facilitate classes and programs as well as tailored training, addressing your concerns and meeting your goals.