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Support the wellness of your people with practical, scientifically proven mindfulness & wellbeing programs that promote positive mindset, optimum dietary and lifestyle habits, that together improve performance.  

Make yours a workplace culture that’s worth sticking around for.

Workplace Wellbeing is a proven winner

Recent research reveals compelling evidence that organisations that support their people in dealing with the stress of modern day life, benefits everyone from employees to managers and the wider community.

We work with corporations to meet their wellbeing and mental health objectives through:

Learn@ Lunch

Enrich your team’s lunch time experience with practical and relevant skills to combat stress, inspire better diet, living and relating.

Tailored Programs

Tell us your concerns, so we can help you meet YOUR workplace goals & objectives.

Staff Development

Develop your teams awareness & self efficacy for dealing with stress, anxiety & conflict through diet, lifestyle & mindfulness.

Dave Mollison, Westpac

Dave Mollison, 

Senior Manager HR Shared Services @ Westpac. 

"We were looking for an activity that would build staff engagement.  There was a noticeable lag in how people were feeling post winter and we were looking for an innovative way to help people get a spring in their step in the last quarter of the year.  Tania did this via a series of full day wellbeing sessions including nutrition in the kitchen - green smoothies, busting dietary myths & eating for body type, corporate yoga and meditation sessions.   The team were glowing after their well being sessions - Tania was so warm, friendly and knowledgeable and this really helped engagement with the subjects covered.We were able to build wellbeing as a cornerstone consideration in how we operated as a team - using the mindfulness techniques learnt to support each other and ourselves. The team were much more present and engaged as a result. Tania was transformational for our people!"

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We've developed & delivered meditation solutions for...

Learn@ Lunch

Angelique Barr, Kingfisher Advisory


Associate Consultant 

Kingfisher Advisory

"During lockdown, the Kingfisher team undertook a 6 week mindfulness course, presented by Tania from Turn Up Your Zen.
At Kingfisher, we strive to embody our values to Grow Better and Embrace Wellness as much as possible and this course allowed us to do both.
With the uncertainty and stress of COVID, it was helpful to learn skills and techniques to become more present and focused, and reduce the overwhelm.
Tania was an amazing presenter. She made the environment calm and welcoming and provided different strategies that can help anyone take back control.
The benefits reported by our team in a survey afterwards included overall reduced stress, increased ability to focus, with lower levels of anxiety and overwhelm."

Learn@ Lunch Survey results
A visible wellbeing culture starts here...

Workplace Mindfulness 

The benefits of calming the nervous system through mindfulness and meditation are proving that regular folks with jobs to do, colleagues to manage, clients to service and deadlines to meet can enhance their ability to connect, perform & solve problems at work.

It's these tangible benefits that have led many organisations to introduce mindfulness and meditation into the work place & online, as part of an evidence-based, wellbeing culture.

There’s a big misconception that for meditation to be effective, you must practice for lengthy periods over an extensive amount of time. This is not true. Consistent, regular practice yields best results, however the benefits can be experienced right away by simply meditating for just 5 minutes. 

The power of mindfulness to bring us into the present opens awareness to the way we communicate, eat, rest and work.  This is why we see mindfulness as being central to all our offerings.

Workplace Wellbeing

Optimising your diet isn’t just about knowing what to eat, it's about knowing how to eat for your gender, stage of life and bio-individual needs.

Its moving away from a one size fits all model and generating more engagement with greater results for the differing needs of individuals' physical, mental and emotional health.


Naomi Liddle

Provisioning & Customer Delivery Manager, Optus

Tania has facilitated wellbeing sessions at The Optus Campus in North Ryde, including yoga and meditation.  

The culture within Optus was highly stressful due to restructuring and insufficient staffing with high sales targets.

During this time, Tania worked with members of our sales team, Tech division and Customer facing staff, giving support to executives, support staff and the senior management team.

Her classes became very popular due to her calm, kind way of bringing you back to the power of your own thoughts and actions, to deal with the stress.  The depth and range of her knowledge in the field of meditation, mindfulness and stress management were both impressive and well received.

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Let us tailor a program for you.

Benefits of implementing Corporate Mindfulness & Wellbeing programs in your workplace;

  • Reduces absenteeism & presenteeism;
  • Increases retention of skilled staff;
  • Creates a positive working environment;
  • Increases vitality;
  • Increases creativity & quality of work; 
  • Increasing engagement, collaboration and team morale;
  • Supports individuals with existing mental health conditions and prevents the development of stress related issues brought on by change like restructuring;
  • Improves focus, attention span, problem solving capabilities and decision making;
  • Reduces levels of cortisol, levels of inflammation and counteracts stress & burnout;
  • Increases working memory, especially under pressure; 
  • Affords greater capacity for self regulation of emotions, including increased ability to disengage from emotionally upsetting situations; 
  • Increased capacity for connecting with others through empathy & compassion.
Tania Burgess

Your coach to corporate wellbeing

Tania Burgess, Life coach, Therapist, Meditation Facilitator, and Founder of Turn UP Your Zen, has more than a decade of experience working in the wellbeing industry.  

She is driven to help individuals change their lives through delivering quality coaching that cultivates clarity, confidence and peace of mind.