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"Since working with Tania, I’m a lot calmer and more focused, I’m happier and I feel like I can take on the challenges that come up"

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Whether you are looking for yourself, or on behalf of your organisation, Turn UP Your Zen is located on Sydney's North Shore, but extends globally via the web.  Founder, Tania, is passionate about providing the best care to support your mental health and wellbeing

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We offer a comprehensive host of services, here are a few key areas that may be of interest to you.

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Life Coaching 




Naomi Liddle

Provisioning & Customer Delivery Manager, Optus

Tania has facilitated wellbeing sessions at The Optus Campus in North Ryde, including yoga and meditation.  

The culture within Optus was highly stressful due to restructuring and insufficient staffing with high sales targets.

During this time, Tania worked with members of our sales team, Tech division and Customer facing staff, giving support to executives, support staff and the senior management team.

Her classes became very popular due to her calm, kind way of bringing you back to the power of your own thoughts and actions, to deal with the stress.  The depth and range of her knowledge in the field of meditation, mindfulness and stress management were both impressive and well received.



Find Your Zen participant

I've done a few meditation courses over the years and what I liked about this one, is Tania keeps it real, drawing on her many experiences of life and how meditation can help you manage the worst of it.

Her expert tuition comes from integrating these practices into real life, not some idealistic dogma that is unattainable for every day people.

She's the real deal, living it as well as knowing her stuff.



Find Your Zen participant

You find a tremendous sense of calm - a feeling that stays with you whether you're at work, with your family or managing daily challenges. 
Tania gently and expertly guides you through the program, offering a new perspective and a positive way forward. With practice, this new approach can have a huge impact on your experiences.

Your Coach to Calm

Tania Burgess, Certified Wellness Coach, Yoga & Meditation Facilitator, Counsellor and Founder of Turn UP Your Zen, has more than a decade of experience working in the wellbeing industry.  

She helps people find their zen through delivering quality one-to-one counselling, group retreats and classes. 

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