January 28, 2024
Tania Burgess

Winning Enneagram Relationships Combinations for Growth & Potential

Embarking on a new relationship guarantees to offer opportunities for growth once the honeymoon period is over. The Enneagram is a dynamic tool, making the adventure easier to navigate. Each Enneagram type brings a unique set of qualities and strengths. In this blog, let's explore the winning combinations that can propel your personal growth and relationship to new heights.

Type 1 - The Strict Perfectionist:

  • Ideal Companions: Type 2, The Considerate Helper and Type 9, The Adaptive Peacemaker
    • Type 2's warmth complements Type 1's desire for improvement.
    • Type 9's laid-back nature brings a calming influence, fostering balance.

Type 2 - The Considerate Helper:

  • Ideal Companions: Type 4, The Intense Creative and Type 8, The Active Controller
    • Type 4's emotional depth resonates with Type 2's nurturing instincts.
    • Type 8's assertiveness aligns with Type 2's desire to assist and support.

Type 3, The Competitive Achiever:

  • Ideal Companions: Type 6, The Loyal Sceptic and Type 9, The Adaptive Peacemaker
    • Type 6 provides a grounded perspective, helping balance Type 3's drive.
    • Type 9's calming presence complements Type 3's ambitious nature.

Type 4 - The Intense Creative:

  • Ideal Companions: Type 2, The Considerate Helper and The Adaptive Peacemaker
    • Type 2's support helps Type 4 feel understood and valued.
    • Type 9's peaceful demeanour fosters a sense of calm and acceptance.

Type 5 - The Investigator:

  • Ideal Companions: Type 1, The Strict Perfectionist and Type 4 (The Individualist)
    • Type 1's logical approach aligns with Type 5's analytical mindset.
    • Type 4's emotional depth adds a layer of understanding to Type 5's detached nature.

Type 6, The Loyal Sceptic:

  • Ideal Companions: Type 2, The Considerate Helper and The Adaptive Peacemaker
    • Type 2's warmth provides reassurance to Type 6's anxieties.
    • Type 9's calming presence helps ease Type 6's concerns.

Type 7 - The Enthusiast:

  • Ideal Companions: Type 5, The Quiet Specialist and Type 8, The Active Controller
    • Type 5's thoughtful approach grounds Type 7's enthusiasm.
    • Type 8's assertiveness complements Type 7's adventurous spirit.

Type 8 - The Active Controller:

  • Ideal Companions: Type 2, The Considerate Helper and Type 5, The Quiet Specialist
    • Type 2's support balances Type 8's assertiveness.
    • Type 5's analytical mind provides valuable insights for Type 8.

Type 9 - The Adaptive Peacemaker

  • Ideal Companions: Type 1, The Strict Perfectionist and Type 6, The Loyal Sceptic
    • Type 1's drive motivates Type 9 to take right action, bring out their best.
    • Type 6's loyalty creates a sense of security for Type 9, whilst type 9’s attentiveness helps calm 6’s worry and anxiety.

Discover the winning combinations for your Enneagram type can be a game-changer. Embracing the strengths and complementary qualities of your ideal companion, lays a foundation for a harmonious connection through personal growth. The enneagram shows you the blindspots, triggers and defence mechanisms, making the journey easier to navigate not matter what your combination.

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