Gentle and supportive counselling and therapy.

In-person counselling (North Shore, Sydney) and online teletherapy for teens, young adults and men and women of all ages to help deal with difficult feelings, develop new coping skills and live a happier life.

Develop your emotional intelligence.

 Life by its very nature is challenging, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. 

Creating a life, developing a career, nurturing healthy social, professional and personal relationships, as well as raising a family are amongst the greatest challenges we experience throughout our lifetime.

Feeling relaxed, confident and capable in the face of it all makes the ups and downs easier and more enjoyable to experience.

Counselling is a therapy that provides an opportunity to talk to a trained therapist, who will listen and help you to deal with emotional issues in a confidential, safe and non-judgmental environment. 

Tania Burgess, Accredited Life and Certified Wellness Coach utilises the following evidence-based, person-centred approaches to provide empathy, understanding and validation during counselling and therapy sessions. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Strengths-based counselling

Solution-focused therapy

Behavioural change therapy

Somatic therapy

Mindfulness therapy

Grief & Loss Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Tania's role is to not give advice but to support you in getting clear on what is going on for you, away from the input of well-meaning friends, family or work colleagues with their own agendas.

Is counselling for me?

We support individuals  who are:

  • struggling with a mental health issue including anxiety, depression, stress or burnout;
  • wanting to find better ways to manage your anger;
  • dealing with a relationship break up or break down;
  • feeling confused, overwhelmed or agitated by something/someone in your life;
  • having difficulty with boundaries;
  • trying to make an important decision without friends or family telling you what they think you should do;
  • struggling with a habit or addiction;
  • wanting to explore unresolved issues from your childhood;
  • experiencing conflict, communication and connection issues with a difficult parent, spouse, friend or child;
  • experiencing trauma, grief or a  loss;
  • feeling lonely and isolated;
  • are experiencing any difficult feelings that you don't know how to process.

Personalised sessions for a happier you.

Receive personalised support in a safe, professional environment. 

  • Experience healthy relationships & communication;
  • Overcome self-sabotage; 
  • Increase confidence & resilience; 
  • Feel comfortable with confrontation; 
  • Feel motivated and inspired;
  • Deal with difficult thoughts & emotions; 
  • Attain personal growth & development;
  • Reduce drama and increase peace & tranquility.

The benefits of counselling.

Tania Burgess
  • Improved mental health
  • More effective coping strategies and to reduce stress and negative emotions.
  • Enhanced relationships - gain insight into yourself and the dynamics of your relationships to build stronger and more meaningful connections with family, friends, and partners.
  • Increased self-awareness - understand the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to make better choices and to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.
  • Better problem-solving skills - develop new perspectives and strategies for dealing with difficult situations.
  • Better communication - express yourself more clearly and to listen to others more effectively to strengthen existing relationships and to build new ones.
  • Increased emotional regulation - through understanding your emotional triggers and how to manage those feelings and respond most appropriately.
  • Become a better parent, partner & work colleague





I came to see Tania because I had issues stemming from childhood trauma which was caused by emotional neglect and abandonment, as well as a difficult relationship with an older sibling which was creating various other issues, but in particular, low self esteem.  I questioned and doubted myself which made me think even more negatively about myself.  I was experiencing difficulty regulating my emotions and struggling with perfectionism.
I had a great experience working with Tania.  Its not easy to find a counsellor you connect with or feel a genuine sense of care from (Tania was the third counsellor I tried).  She is very kind, gentle, non-judgemental and I always felt validated by her, which helped me find clarity. This led to insights and discoveries about myself that I didn’t initially recognise until we discussed it in our sessions.
I’m so grateful for the growth I experienced as a result.  It feels good to have dealt with the emotional issues I needed to be released from  and to feel free to turn a page and begin a new chapter. I know I’m still a work in progress, but I truly feel I have grown. 
My friends and family have also noticed that I’m not as worried about the future and more positive.
I am not as hard on myself and I have learned how to manage negative thoughts and not just accept what others say about me, practicing self compassion and being positive towards myself and my abilities.
I would recommend counselling with Tania to anyone who needs therapy.  Its so worth the time, money and discomfort you feel talking about uncomfortable emotions, to experience the freedom on the other side.



One to one coaching

I was grieving the loss of my father and it was affecting me badly. I can see now that I was depressed, the world was grey and I was sad all the time.  When I searched google and found Tania, I knew I had found the right person, my right person. Tania helped me overcome my grief with private yoga, coaching and meditation.  

With these three elements we went deep into healing.  It was a great combination.  I had a counsellor and business coach at the time, but it just wasn’t helping.  It was in our third session I connected my grief with the trauma I had experienced as a child from my mother and father’s toxic and sometimes violent relationship.  It was then I was able to let go the pain.  It was hard, but it was also really beautiful.I have worked with Tania on my own relationship and continue to let go of the drama and being a victim. I feel much happier now because I choose to be free from the anger and the sadness.  Tania taught me how to do that.  

She is very understanding, patient and wise.  There is absolutely no judgement, which makes me feel safe to share everything, even things that I might feel embarrassed or ashamed of.  She is skilled at connecting the things that I couldn’t see.  I felt I could share anything with her, which was not the case with other professionals I had worked with.Things are totally different now, like a beautiful flower has bloomed.  I feel light and free because there is so much to be happy about.




I’ve had quite a long journey with therapy for my anxiety. I’ve seen many different therapists over the years and Tania has by far been the most effective therapist I’ve worked with.  She genuinely cared about me and my situation and was extremely invested in addressing the issues and supporting my personal development beyond, which I really appreciated.

She was always so warm, validating and welcoming at every session, taking the time to listen no matter how ridiculous or long winded my stories may have been. She was honest and non-judgemental which made me feel comfortable.

The greatest breakthroughs for me have been accepting people for who they are, overcoming my fear of starting a new job and being able to come off my anxiety medication.

My parents have noticed I’m more level headed and I feel significantly more confident in dealing with challenging situations. I now have a sense of direction and purpose.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Sessions

In-Person (Sydney) & Teletherapy (online)

Initial session

1. Discuss your current situation and the problems you are experiencing;

2. How you would like things to be different;

3. What’s preventing you from creating what you want.

Then we create a plan for working together to get to the heart of the problem and change the patterns that are keeping you stuck.


Subsequent sessions

  • Practice new ways of thinking, processing and responding
  • Find out what works and what doesn’t work
  • Identify what stops you from making changes
  • Between sessions

  • Identify what’s keeping you stuck
  • Explore alternatives and outcomes that you want to see instead
  • Identify the obstacles and limitations
  • Clarify the actions you need to take to create change
  • Develop the skills to create the changes you want 
  • Cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself and others
  • Follow up sessions

  • Get feedback
  • Deepen your understanding and awareness
  • Continue developing and refining better coping skills
  • 3 PACK


    3x1 hr one-to-one counselling sessions

    In-Person | Teletherapy



    1 hour  one-to-onecounselling session



    7 PACK


    7x1 hr one-to-one counselling sessions

    In-Person | Teletherapy

    Inclusive & nurturing counselling that brings you back to yourself

    Here is what you can expect from your counselling session:

    • Receive personalised care & attention
    • Get results specific to your needs
    • Increase your awareness and self-efficacy
    • Gain clarity
    • Take control
    • Enhance the quality of your life
    • Reach your full potential
    • Become a role model for others
    • Break old habits that keep you stuck


    Counselling may be short-term or long-term, depending on your individual needs and sometimes leads to life coaching if that feels right for you as a next step. 

    It takes courage to be honest about how you think, feel & behave.  The courage comes when you're ready to let go of what's making you miserable; commit, be real & not only explore how to do things differently, but implement and get feedback.



    My overall happiness was at its worst when I came to see Tania. I was feeling anxious, having challenges at work and issues with my parents. I was struggling to set good boundaries and feeling lost without direction. My confidence and self esteem were low and I was feeling ashamed of some past experiences.

    Through lots of listening and reflecting from Tania, I have been able to accept the person I am, and my values, and that’s allowed me to grow. Tania has shown me how to ground myself, be present and open up. I’ve learned how to move on from past experiences I didn’t realise were holding me back.

    I now have a positive outlook and I'm motivated to use what I have learnt for the path ahead, to create the life I want to live. My family and friends have noticed a boost in self confidence and that I have a more gentle and relaxed approach to the way I carry myself.

    Tania’s effective communication and understanding made me feel very comfortable and safe at all times. Her gentle nature and kindness allowed me to speak freely without judgement. I always felt heard. I always felt validated. Tania is welcoming and professional and I am so grateful to have shared my experiences with her.



    One to one coaching

    I first met Tania during wellbeing sessions held at my place of work.

    This laid the groundwork for working with her one to one, to improve my thought processing and make positive changes in my life. 

    Working with her has led to many changes, including a new job that increased my income and met the needs of my family.  I developed my own business and started to believe in myself.   But what has changed specifically is how I see myself and how I relate to others. I’m now aware of my personality traits that influence my judgement of self. 

    I now see the internalised process and assumptions that have limited my professional and personal life.  

    I'm learning to choose what is the right path for me rather than passively allowing others to dictate my path and I've made positive changes to ensure I continue maintaining my happiness at work and at home.

    Tania is my mentor and a guiding light. 

    Each session is thought provoking, delivered with kindness and caring, bringing me back to being accountable for my own thoughts and actions. I can honestly say, she’s better than any other counsellor I’ve ever had. 



    I'm happier

    I was experiencing a lot of anxiety about work. I wasn't sleeping and my reduced confidence was impacting other areas of my life as well. 
    Since working with Tania, I’m a lot calmer and more focused, I’m happier and I feel like I can take on the challenges that come up. 

    I’ve learned how to stop my anxiety from creeping in by managing my thought process better. The changes have meant I’m approaching new projects and leadership opportunities at work that I couldn't have imagined taking on before working with Tania.  
    My friends & family have also commented that I’m coming across more positively.
    Tania creates a comfortable environment and gives guidance, in manageable steps. She is just like talking to a great friend.
    I recommend working with Tania to anyone suffering from anxiety and needing a little guidance.



    Overcome Emotions

    I started working with Tania because I needed help with my relationship. It was making me sad every day. She’s helped me learn to deal with my emotions better and overcome situations differently.

    She’s is a great lady and a mum, so she could understand where my partner and I where both coming from and the pressure of having a toddler. My partner has found it really valuable for work/career as well as parenting. Her relaxed style has helped us a lot and I’ve enjoyed it. I have less stress and fewer worries and a happier life.”

    Meet your therapist

    Tania Burgess

    Tania Burgess, Counsellor, Meditation Facilitator, and Founder of Turn UP Your Zen, has more than a decade of experience working in the wellbeing industry.  

    She is driven to help individuals change their lives through delivering quality therapy that cultivates clarity, confidence and peace of mind.