The one thing that changes everything is the ability to be present.

Hi, I’m Tania. I created Turn UP Your Zen after noticing the growing number of well-educated, overly busy men and women feeling stressed out, fed up and burnt out. As an experienced yoga and meditation teacher I’d observe these capable and successful people returning to class week after week, seeking relief. I noticed that yoga alone simply wasn’t addressing the underlying problems that were creating the stress and bringing them to yoga in the first place.

Our Mission

To support individuals to process difficult thoughts and emotions, arming them with the life skills to reduce stress and become more present, clear & calm. We do this through delievering quality therapy, coaching and meditation, facilitated via one-on-one sessions, group sessions and retreats.

We're not monks.
We don't preach Buddhism or any religion or belief system.
We know that you have all the answers you need inside of you.
You just need some help to find them.
You need someone in your corner, unbiased & able to help you get to where you want to go and to be who you want to be.

You need practical, proven strategies to:

  • Reduce over-thinking;
  • Reduce overwhelm & gain clarity;
  • Reduce conflict & enhance relationships through quality communication;
  • Reduce doubt & anxiety, improving productivity & performance;
  • Reduce procrastination and optimise positive action;
  • Change habits that have been running your life for too long;
  • Develop strong boundaries that promote self care and respect

"Having worked in the wellbeing industry since 2011, I recognise that sometimes yoga and meditation alone don’t change patterns of stress.  They relieve it.  Yoga and meditation, both forms of mindfulness, are more effective when accompanied by coaching to address underlying habits like mindset, diet & lifestyle.  When accompanied by therapy to process difficult emotions, unresolved issues from the past including relationship patterns - you start to recognise your stress triggers and how to change the your patterns. We provide the life skills to stay calm and present. It's our holistic approach that makes Turn UP Your Zen unique, so that inner peace isn't just something experienced in a rare moment of mindfulness, but a fully lived experience."

Tania Burgess

We know life can be challenging, we know living a peaceful life isn't about escaping to live in a monastery in the mountains.
We gather online and in person to leave behind the complaining, gossiping and blaming, to go inside and work on the only thing we can truly control...our self.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I can't switch off, which affects my sleep and energy levels;
  • I’m often distracted and mentally elsewhere when I’m with my kids, partner, colleagues;
  • I’m so busy managing everything and everyone else, I often put myself last;
  • I’m the peacekeeper, I don't like conflict and sometimes I take on more to avoid upsetting others;
  • I’m often numb to my own feelings, the frustration builds,  I have outbursts and I feel embarrassed;
  • I feel things very deeply and I’m often told I’m oversensitive;
  • I get upset when my partner or kids get upset and before I know it, I’m reacting back and forth;
  • I have a relationship with a challenging partner, parent or child;
  • My stress is affecting my mental, physical or emotional health;
  • I’m taking care of an aged parent, neurodivergent or special needs child/teen - and its a lot;
  • I often ruminate about the past and I can't seem to let it go
If you have said yes to any of these, welcome to the hub that helps you develop inner resources that soothe, calm & create a more peaceful life.

About Tania

Hi, I’m Tania.  I’m a foodie, nature lover who loves snow boarding and open fires in the winter and cool rainforest walks & late night swims in summer.  

I was raised in a military family and I learned early on that life is full of change.  

I live in Sydney with my husband, two daughters and my border Collie, Holly, who is always nearby.  I love travel, exploring different cultures, photography, art, reading, listening to music and learning - yep, I’m always learning something new.

Tania's wellbeing story

Tania Burgess

In 1998, I sat in the car, newlywed, while my husband returned the keys to our rental. It was the last things to do before leaving Adelaide and moving to Sydney, where were about to start our lives together.  It was raining and as I observed the rain drops falling heavy on the windscreen, merging with the water that had fallen before, I was entranced by their dance on the glass. I felt enchanted - the sounds and the smells in the air soothing my body and my mind. I felt at peace and I was completely present for the first time in many years.

I had sold my event management business weeks prior, the business I had lived and breathed for seven years, the one that occupied my every waking moment, six or seven days a week, fifty two weeks of the year.  Year after year.  Addicted to coffee, my diet was a mess and I was burnt out, emotional, depleted and ready to start a fresh.

I told myself that this peace was mere relief from having sold the business - the lack of something to do tomorrow to pay the rent, to deliver the goods - it was the space between life chapters that was creating this stillness. This feeling was something that only monks who lived a monastic life, high in the mountains would know every day.

It wasn't until many years later, after repeating the same patterns of over committing, people pleasing and burning out, in a desperate attempt to create change, I discovered that being present and at peace wasn’t something I could only experience if my life was empty, but a state I could cultivate with intention to bring richness into my everyday life, whether I was busy or not.

Since that time I have studied extensively - the art and science of yoga & meditation, becoming a teacher of both, training as a Health Coach, Life Coach and Psychotherapist. raised two beautiful daughters, grieved the loss of a brother, recovered from an eating disorder, and managed some intensely challenging relationships.  And honestly, the one thing that’s helped me change the story and keep going each and every day has been the ability to be present and to respond, rather than react.  

Tania Burgess
Tania Burgess

In 2015, my family and I took a 16-month sabbatical, living and travelling throughout Europe & North Africa whilst homeschooling my daughters. This was a pivotal moment for me, to truly integrate everything I had learned. 

After hiding my struggle, feeling ashamed and thinking I was the only one who needed the support of special therapies and techniques to stay on top of it all, I discovered that others were also searching for answers and that the skills I’d developed to support myself were valuable for helping others too.

It's a real privilege to work with anyone who is looking for answers so they can change their lives. 

Our sessions are a fusion of fruits from my professional training and the genuine compassion that comes from knowing through personal experience.  

The answers are waiting for you and I look forward to helping  you discover them so you can change your story.

Read more about Tania's 'Becoming Zen' story

In 2015, I was on a road trip thought Italy, Switzerland & Spain, homeschooling my daughters, feeling irritable, overwhelmed and anxious, when I realised all the stress management techniques I knew werent useful unless I was putting them into practice.  

That was the day I started to shift from knowing, to doing.

I committed to meditating, every day.  

No matter where, I practiced mindful presence. I became calmer, less reactive.  Not as cranky! 

My experiences became more vivid and special.  

Being calmer meant I was more present. 

I became better at maintaining the peace within myself no matter what was going on around me.

Other people started to notice.

Tensions were fewer and less intense between family members.

After returning to Australia in 2016, I observed how Sydney's frantic pace was personally affecting me and my family and friends. I curated the techniques used during my trip into a six week program. 

"You're always so zen, Tania" a friend told me one day... and "Find Your Zen”, the learn to meditate course was born.

The first program sold out within 48 hours.  Since then, I've shared the techniques with hundreds of individuals and organisations, at my home studio and virtually.

Find your zen was just the beginning. I work with individuals and groups to take them beyond finding their zen, to turning up these life changing qualities, so they can create a life they love.



Meditation, Sicilian Courtyard

Meditation, Sicilian Courtyard

Meditation Mont Blanc, France

Meditation Mont Blanc, France

Training & Qualifications

  • 2023: Certificate of Somatic Attachment Therapy - Embodiment Lab, New York
  • 2012: NLP & Meta Coach Master Training: The Coaching Room, Sydney
  • 2011: Certified Health Coach: Integrative Nutrition, New York
  • 500Hr Advance Yoga teacher training: Byron School of Yoga
  • 1995: Breath work therapy: Adelaide
  • 1985: Business Management - University of South Australia, Adelaide
  • 2019 - Current Student Diploma Counselling - Australian Institute Professional Counsellors
  • 2018: Finger Print for Success Coach: Bangkok
  • 2017: Women's Temple Facilitator Training: Hong Kong
  • 2016: Integrative 9 Enneagram: Sydney
  • 2015: Awakening Women: Vienna
  • 2014: Meditation Certification: Nature Care College, Sydney

I work best with people who:

  • want to be free from the past
  • want to create an exciting future
  • want be better relationships,
  • want to be better partners, parents, daughters/sons, leaders
  • want to feel present, calm and at peace
  • want to be great role models for their kids and the next generation;
  • want to put an end to the drama in their lives
  • want to reach their potential
  • are ready, willing and committed to their own personal growth journey
But they don't know how...yet!

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