Find Your Zen. Create clarity, peace and focus in your life


6 Techniques + 6 Weeks = Calm, clear & present = Find Your Zen

Life can be busy, messy, unpredictable & overwhelming. Especially under unforeseen conditions, like a global pandemic! 

It may feel normal to be stressed out, over-thinking, zoning out or losing your cool, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  

Your inner world creates your experience of the outer world.  

By learning how to manage that inner world, you take back control and create clarity, peace & focus.

Over the 6 weeks you'll learn several meditation techniques to: 
  • Soothe your sympathetic nervous system
  • Change your mindset
  • Unplug & reconnect 
  • Get out of your head
  • Manage your energy
  • Heal your relationships

Hi, I’m Tania, the founder of Turn UP Your Zen. I have over ten years experience in the wellbeing industry and in that time, I've worked with hundreds of people helping them to better manage their anxiety, insomnia, stress and relationship issues through mindfulness.

As a Certified Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher & Therapist, I'm humbled to share my professional expertise and support you in developing the skills to create calm in your life.

As a health coach and therapist, mother of two and wife, I know all too well how stressful it can be trying to keep all the plates spinning. 

For me, mindfulness changed everything and I walk the talk every single day.

Joanna on Find Your Zen


Eureka Moments

'Find Your Zen' perfectly synthesises a couple of thousand years mastery of the art of meditation and gives an insight into its origin, practical benefits and demonstrates how and why meditation can enormously improve our overall well being.  

I had many Eureka moments understanding what the practice can do to better my life experience and the friendships gained during the course will remain very special too!  Tania's soft voice guided us beautifully through meditations and the warm and safe environment around the open log fire was especially comforting.

Sue on Find Your Zen


Relaxed & in control

I joined the course because I wanted to reduce my stress.  

I now have “my time” for daily meditation, which makes me more prepared for stressful situations.  

I can calm myself, feeling more relaxed & in control. 

Tania is so welcoming & the environment is non-threatening. 

Noreen about Find Your Zen


Life is Easier

Tania is a beautiful person inside and out and I feel like I’m coming to family when I see her. She has a skill to make you feel at peace and teaches you how to switch off & deal with stress for your self.  

Since doing the course, life is easier.  

I’ve learned to make time for myself.  I know how to de-stress quickly and I’m a lot calmer. Flying is easier too. 

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to relax, deal with the pressures of life and feel amazing.

We learn to meditate, not to become good at meditating, but to become better at life.  

The benefits are real

Because mindfulness and meditation change the wiring of your brain and reset your nervous system, habituated patterns like reactivity, shutting down or people pleasing stop running your life. 

Meditating makes you more aware and able to slow down; responding rather than reacting to things when they happen to you. This reclaiming of self control increases your choices moment to moment, including:

  • Catching stress related thoughts before they lead to anxiety, overwhelm, reduced confidence and hopelessness
  • Enjoying the little moments without overthinking
  • Avoiding conflict by calming defensiveness & reactivity;
  • Improving communication - able to ask for what I need, rather than complaining when things aren’t the way I want them
  • Being present with my kids, partner, work colleagues, parents - not off in my head somewhere else
  • Able to switch off when I’m tired and ready for bed
  • Able to let things go when I've been triggered into feeling upset, frustrated or disappointed.

What's Included

Each week's session is 90 minutes long and you will learn a new meditation technique

Develop understanding about how & why each technique works and where it is applicable for you in your life.

Receive feedback on your developing practice

Access to online resources, including a recording of each week's meditation

Set goals & receive support to reach them

A set of your own meditation beads



Expert Tuition

I've done a few meditation courses over the years and what I liked about this one, is Tania keeps it real, drawing on her many experiences of life and how meditation can help you manage the worst of it.

Her expert tuition comes from integrating these practices into real life, not some idealistic dogma that is unattainable for every day people.
She's the real deal, living it as well as knowing her stuff.


Tremendous Calm

You find a tremendous sense of calm - a feeling that stays with you whether you're at work, with your family or managing daily challenges.
Tania gently and expertly guides you through the program, offering a new perspective and a positive way forward. With practice, this new approach can have a huge impact on your experiences.



Wonderful Connection

We had such a lovely group and it was so nice to do this course together. 

I realised that I am not the only one who finds things stressful. I also realised that I now have a choice. And I realised that its Ok not to get it perfect.  Just keep practicing.

I recommend this course to anyone who needs a release valve: A way to get a new perspective and decompress the stresses of work, family & life in general.

Class numbers are strictly limited to 6 to ensure that each participant receives personalised care and attention.  So this course fills fast.  Check out our early bird discount to save when you register early for the next course.

This course is for you if...

  • You are experiencing stress, insomnia, anxiety & irritation
  • You have trouble letting go
  • You are having problems focusing
  • You are dealing with addiction
  • You are both willing and able to invest the time to change
  • You are finding it hard to relax, feeling distracted & impatient
  • You are open-minded and willing to give new things a try
  • You are willing to invest 5-20mins each day to  practice the technique of the week & experience  its benefits
  • You are able to access the internet and a device to view and listen to the classes or attend in person

This course is not for you if...

  • You are experiencing problems & you are looking for a quick fix
  • You are looking for sympathy & therapy
  • You are in need of clinical care with a diagnosed psychiatric condition
  • You are too busy and unable to devote time each day to the practices

Reduce stress and anxiety. Improve your sleep, your relationships and quality of life.

Learn 6 meditation techniques in 6 weeks to claim your calm.
Why join Find Your Zen?
  • In person meetings every week
  • Face to face tuition and feedback and questions answered
  • Access to online resources and meditation recordings
  • Highly experienced facilitator
  • Warm, welcoming, safe environment
  • No prior meditation experience necessary
  • Practical, scientifically proven techniques that work
  • You can revisit the course or single sessions as many times as you like.
What's covered:
  • Introduction to meditation and the power of your breath
  • Keys to Mindfulness
  • Nature as Meditation
  • Mantra & Mindset  Meditation
  • Emotion Regulation meditation 
  • Mastering your inner peace, love & connection

What are you waiting for? 

It's time for change. No one can take control but you.

AUD $595 *incl.  for 6 week in person course

The benefits of mindfulness are indisputable.  
To change the world, you need to be the change.
If you are ready to take control of your life and master your inner world, now is your time to shine.

Upcoming Courses

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I’ve tried meditation before and it didn't work for me, how do I know this course will be different?

Many of our students have tried meditation before and found it didn't work for them. This isn’t uncommon and it can be due to a number of reasons.

1. You didn't find the right type of meditation for you and this is why we explore 6 styles of meditation to find the one that most suits your temperament and challenges.

2. It wasn’t the right time for you - your readiness for meditation changes through the different stages of our life and sometimes we just aren’t ready. 

Do I have to sit on the floor?

Once you register, the first module you receive includes the 3 options for how to sit, including sitting in a chair. So no, you dont have to sit on the floor to meditate.

I get very easily distracted, will this be a problem?

Getting easily distracted is the perfect reason to start a meditation practice. Why, because meditation teaches you how to develop the skill of recognising your distractions and focusing on what’s here now. This means that you will not only learn how to become less distracted in your meditation, but in your life too.

I can’t visualise things, is that a problem?

This is a common problem, so you are not alone.  Your teacher will give you alternatives to visualising to keep you engaged in your meditation practice.

I’m hard of hearing - what if I can’t hear you?

Let me know and I will make sure you sit where you can hear. Between sessions, the recordings can be listened to using headphones or AirPods.

I’m not very disciplined, can you help?

One of the benefits of learning to meditate in a group is that we support each other with our practice.  Its not uncommon to let our practice slip when it is only ourselves who we are letting down, but when we know that others have heard our commitment, we are more likely to follow through. Asking for accountability in the group helps increase our self discipline and follow through.  If this is still an issue, we will explore what is going on for you and find the right solution.

Like to take this course at a weekend retreat? Check our retreats page for the Find Your Zen weekend retreat - Friday, May 19th.

It's a time of discovery...

Step into being more present as a Parent, Partner, Human being

This isn't about controlling everything that is happening outside of yourself, it's about controlling what's happening inside, how you think, react, reflect, process, feel, act and speak.

  • Focus your mind & be present
  • Slow the busy monkey mind
  • Deal with reactivity, anger, anxiety & frustration
  • Create inner peace & calm
  • Cultivate happiness & joy
  • Reduce overwhelm & confusion
  • Increase clarity & concentration
  • Breathe correctly
  • Recognise the thoughts and feelings that create stress & imbalance
  • Improve your communication & relationships
  • Experience more harmony & connection with your environment & everyone/everything in it
  • Activate your body's relaxation response
  • Enhance your ability to be present
  • Build your capacity for "letting things go"
  • Increase your connection to others
  • Decrease your reactivity
  • Calm your busy mind
  • Raise your personal awareness
  • Soothe the sympathetic nervous system
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Increase resilience & stamina
  • Reduce anxiety, insomnia & depression
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce the stress hormone production that affects inflammation levels
  • Increase your ability to self regulate emotions

Learn more about meditation here - the what, why & how explained or chat with us to find out how meditation can help you. 

Experience for yourself

Experience for yourself, the benefits of ancient practices, integrated with modern science at this dynamic, religion neutral, 6 week, Find Your Zen program.  Just as no two people share the same challenges, not every solution works for every body. That's why you will experience several techniques to find the one that activates your body's relaxation response so you can experience a state of calm clarity. This is an integrated program in which you will practice each technique daily to discover what works best for you.

Each practice is unique and will resonate differently for the practitioner. Depending on your preferred learning style and where you are on your personal growth journey, some practices will resonate with you more than others.  

Over the course of the program, each technique contributes to a cumulative effect, soothing & calming your nervous system, raising your conscious awareness.

If life’s ups & downs are extreme and you feel stuck and ready for change, it could be time to get off the roller coaster and live life from a state of presence with more meaning and purpose.

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