Embracing Shadows and Light: The Value and Vulnerability of Each Enneagram Type


The Enneagram, a profound system for understanding personality, encompasses a spectrum of strengths and vulnerabilities inherent in the different aspects of our “self". In this exploration, we delve into the unique value and vulnerability of each Enneagram type, offering a compassionate lens through which to understand ourselves and others more deeply. It’s natural to recognise yourself in more than one type, so do so without self judgment, but rather loads of self kindness.

1. The Reformer, Strict Perfectionist:

Value: The expression of the One brings a profound sense of integrity and moral purpose to the world. Their commitment to improvement and justice is a catalyst for positive change.

Vulnerability: The relentless pursuit of perfection can lead to self-criticism and frustration, making it crucial for Type Ones to practice self-compassion.

2. The Considerate Helper:

Value: The expression of the Two excels in compassion and generosity, forming deep connections through their nurturing nature. Their selfless acts contribute to a harmonious environment.

Vulnerability: Overextending to meet the needs of others may result in neglecting personal well-being, requiring Type Twos to prioritise self-care without guilt.

3. The Achiever:

Value: The expression of the Three brings a dynamic energy to pursue goals and inspire those around them. Their ambition contributes to innovation and accomplishment.

Vulnerability: Over-identification with success may lead to burnout, highlighting the importance for Type Threes to find fulfilment beyond external achievements.

4. The Intense Creative, Romantic Individualist:

Value: The expression of the Fours offers a unique perspective on beauty and creativity, infusing depth and authenticity into the world. Their emotional richness enhances human connection.

Vulnerability: Intense emotions and a quest for identity can lead to feelings of isolation. Type Fours benefit from embracing the beauty in simplicity and practising self-love.

5. The Investigator, Quiet Specialist:

Value: The expression of the Five contributes a wealth of knowledge and analytical thinking. Their depth of understanding and ability to innovate are invaluable to problem-solving.

Vulnerability: Withdrawal into intellectual pursuits can create a sense of isolation. Type Fives thrive by balancing introspection with meaningful connection to the world.

6. The Loyal Sceptic:

Value: The expression of the Six provides a sense of security and loyalty to their communities. Their cautious approach ensures thorough consideration of potential risks and benefits.

Vulnerability: Excessive worry and a fear of uncertainty can be overwhelming for Type Sixes. Trust-building exercises and self-assurance practices are essential.

7. The Enthusiastic Visionary:

Value: The expression of the Seven infuses joy and optimism into every situation. Their enthusiasm for life sparks creativity and helps others embrace a positive outlook.

Vulnerability: A fear of pain or discomfort may lead to avoidance. Type Sevens thrive by learning to navigate challenges with resilience and mindful presence.

8. The Challenger, Active Controller:

Value: The expression of the Eight bring strength and assertiveness to the table, providing leadership and protecting the vulnerable. Their ability to confront challenges head-on is transformative.

Vulnerability: Fear of vulnerability can lead to isolation. Type Eights find growth in embracing vulnerability, fostering authentic connections, and leading with compassion.

9 - The Adaptive Peacemaker:

Value: The expression of the Nine offer a calming presence and a talent for fostering harmony. Their ability to see multiple perspectives contributes to conflict resolution.


A tendency to avoid conflict may result in self-neglect. Type Nines thrive by asserting their needs, maintaining healthy boundaries, and expressing their true selves.


Recognising both the value and vulnerability within each Enneagram type is a powerful step toward fostering understanding, compassion, and personal growth. By embracing the shadows and light inherent in our personalities, we not only navigate our own journeys more authentically but also cultivate empathy for the diverse experiences of those around us.


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