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Practical, scientifically proven meditation programs fully supporting you to reduce stress levels, improve relationships and increase enjoyment of life.  

In person or online, group setting or one-to-one meditation programs

Welcome to Turn UP Your Zen, the wellbeing hub known for being warm, welcoming and supportive. Which program are you going to choose to optimise your mental health and wellbeing? 



"Since doing the course, life is easier. I’ve learned to make time for myself.  I know how to de-stress quickly and I’m a lot calmer."

Meditation Programs 

Find Your Zen

6 Week in person Group Meditation Program

Learn to Meditate 

A 6 week program teaching you 6 techniques on how to stay calm in the chaos. 

Find Your Zen Online

Online course teaching you how to meditate

Learn to Meditate

Access 6 meditation techniques over 6 weeks - online program taken at your own pace in the comfort of your chosen surroundings.

Retreats & Workshops

Mindset, Diet/Lifestyle, Relationships & Communication focused programs

Held on various dates and locations throughout the year.

One-to-one and Group Coaching

 One to one Coaching Packages

Coaching takes place in live face to face sessions if you are in Sydney, or via zoom or over the phone at a time that suits you.

Turn Up Your Zen

This is our signature nine month program, supporting the integration of mindfulness skills through ongoing practice and group coaching. Participants are invited to join this nine month program, after completing Find Your Zen.

Programs for Organisations

Corporate Organisations 

In person and online mindfulness meditation group programs | One-to-one and group coaching programs

  • Learn@Lunch
  • Staff development days
  • Bespoke programs

Educational & Childcare Organisations

In person and online mindfulness meditation group programs | One-to-one and group coaching programs

  • Student wellbeing Days
  • Teacher Professional development
  • 6 session Program
  • Skills development & Integration
  • Bespoke Programs 

Aged Care Organisations

In person and online mindfulness meditation and movement  programs

  • Mindful Meditation 
  • Mindful Movement 
  • Popular workshops for Seniors


Upcoming events

We offer a host of different events during the year. Keep updated with the calendar of upcoming events... retreats, mindfulness walking, meditation classes. 

Partner with us

We'd like to connect with you if you are a like minded individual or organisation sharing our vision of empowering each other with self care life skills that reduce the impact of stress and  increase our ability to live an inspired and rewarding life.

Bespoke Programs

If you don't see a program that suits your needs, Tania will tailor a program specific to your individual needs. Read more about what bespoke programs offer.

Meet Tania

Tania Burgess, Certified Wellness Coach, Yoga & Meditation Facilitator, and Founder of Turn UP Your Zen, has more than a decade of experience  working in the wellbeing industry.  

She is driven to visibly creating community change  through the delivery of her relevant, scientifically proven Mindfulness and Meditation programs to individuals, corporates, learning and caring communities.  

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