Feel calmer, less reactive, more balanced & present

For people wanting more energy, kinder relationships, & peace of mind. 

Turn UP Your Zen

Life can be busy, messy, unpredictable & overwhelming

It may feel normal to be stressed out, over-thinking, zoning out or losing your cool, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

I work with busy, capable professionals who simply want to manage their stress better, so they are less easily triggered and more present to their life and loved ones.

Turn UP Your Zen is a nine month membership program I created for people who want to create slow and sustainable change to the way they take care of themselves and their families, reducing stress, anxiety and increasing wellbeing and joy.

This is an holistic program, optimising the way you relate and the way you take care of yourself and others, so self care and wellbeing are not just something you know about, but something you live…

and breathe...


During this group mentorship program you will learn how to:
  • Take better care of you, so you can take care of everyone else
  • Stay calm & present in stressful situations
  • Increase your courage & confidence
  • Discover your life purpose & live that purpose
  • Change the way you prioritise your self
  • Increase your mental & physical energy 
  • Free yourself from other people's drama, reducing conflict
  • Hold great boundaries
  • Meet like minded people
  • Communicate in a non-judgemental, peaceful way.
  • Recognise yours and others strengths, motivations, fears, doubts and blindspots. 
Turn UP Your Zen testimonial



“When I found Tania I was a mess.  Slow and steady, we worked through the issues that had me prioritising everyone else and compromising my health and wellbeing. The things I learned during the program have changed the way I take care of myself.  I have much better boundaries with work, with my family and social commitments. 

My diet was Ok, but now I understand how to eat, rather than what to eat - food is medicine, not just fuel.  I’m sleeping better and my energy has returned, which means I have more energy to keep looking after myself.

Tania is so nurturing and doesn’t judge.  She’s real and genuine.   I found it inspiring especially when we explored how to be that way as a parent and a partner. 

The relationships enneagram weekend changed the way my husband and I relate and its changed the way we are raising our teenage kids - their strong personalities emerging and pushing the boundaries.”

Tania Burgess

Your Guide & Coach to Zen

Hi, I'm Tania Burgess

I’m the Director and Wellbeing Coach here at Turn UP Your Zen. I'm a sensitive soul who knows first hand the stress of raising a family, earning a living and managing tricky relationships.

This is the program that I would have loved to have done twenty years ago when I was struggling as a new Mum. All the rich wisdom I’ve discovered from two decades of study and personal development are here in one cohesive package.

To find out if this course is suitable for you, schedule a call with Tania.

Working with me over 9 months, you will learn how to integrate mindfulness and peaceful living into your day to day.  

Since most people who join the program are struggling with difficult feelings like sensitivity, anxiety, stress, lack of confidence and depression, participants experience a new way of taking care of themselves and their inner world, so they feel more centred, calm and in control.  

Rather than living on automatic pilot, getting easily triggered, overwhelmed and reactive, participants learn how to live from presence.

What's Included

Self Care Essentials

Master the perfect night's sleep

Discover  what nourishes your energy 

Create the perfect work/life balance

Know your best exercise mix?


Eat for Your Zen

Discover how to nourish your body’s constitution

Optimise your digestion for gut/brain health

Know the best food for your mood

Understand your cravings & what they are telling you

Herbs, spices & medicinal foods

Taking Control

Gain clarity

Discover your triggers

Discover how to hold awesome boundaries

Get clear on how to share  responsibility

Discover your blind spots that create self sabotage

Mindset Mastery

Discover the motivations that drive your behaviour 

Identify your core beliefs & personality traits

Discover how to create your own inner peace

Identify what stops you from getting what you want

Discover your personal path to grow & evolve


Free & At Peace

Discover the skills for reducing conflict

Become comfortable with confrontation & taking control

Learn how to deal with other people’s stress & drama

Learn how to ask for what you need

Experience living with kind & calm presence

Kind, Respectful Relationships

Discover richer relationships

Increase intimacy & connection

Learn how to have difficult conversations without conflict

Develop appreciation for those you know & love

Relate more effectively

Discover how to build trust & loyalty

Here’s how it works. 

  • Over 40 written, audio & video classes, so that you can start learning and integrating at your own pace.
  • Weekly meditation, in-person or virtual 60 mins, to keep developing your mindfulness practice (Mon AM/PM alternating and Wed or Thurs evening)
  • 3 x 2 Hr Saturday/Sunday afternoon workshops: Eating for your constitution – The Ayurveda way | Getting clear & confident | Peaceful communication.
  • 2 x One Day retreats: Self-care essentials & Holding great Boundaries (Held on Friday or Sunday)
  •  Who Are You? Who Am I? - Kinder Relationships with the Enneagram - 3 day,  non-residential retreat, June 10-13, 2022 - online and in-person, Killara, Sydney
  • A weekly, in-person Yoga class (more than 12 classes available, at a time to suit you in Killara).
  • 12 x 60 min, group coaching calls to overcome your blindspots & mental obstacles (held evenings & weekends)
  • A 7 days/wk private, online group chat for any questions or support between the group coaching sessions.
  • The program is actively delivered over 9 months from March to November, and you will retain lifetime access to the online resources.  You can drop into online meditations at any time in the future.
  • Check calendar dates here.
Turn UP Your Zen course

This program is a curation of all the resources I use with my one-to-one clients, plus the workshops and retreats that have been hugely successful, and includes over $4500 worth of value.  If you are genuine about creating internal change and wish to be part of the inaugural group at a significantly discounted price, then register now to secure your place.

To ensure that every individual in the group receives personalised care and attention during coaching calls, the intake for this group is strictly limited to just 4 participants. 

The program will not be offered at this price again, this is a once only, as we take our maiden voyage, so don’t delay, secure your place.

The benefits of coaching are indisputable

Benefits of coaching

But one to one coaching isn’t financially accessible to everyone which is why this group coaching program distills down the very best insights, resources and techniques I use in one to one coaching, into a 9 month comprehensive group program that’s both affordable and a fixed cost.

You will receive the benefits of one to one coaching without the expense.  Not only will you gain all the benefits of one to one coaching, you will benefit from the insights of others in the group and the individual feedback a group coaching forum offers.

What if I cant make the coaching sessions at the scheduled time?

All sessions will be recorded and posted to the learning platform, to ensure that you can watch them where & when it suits you. You can also revisit the session if you find it particularly useful.  

I’ve tried many diets, is this a weight loss program?

This program is not a weight loss program, it is a diet optimisation program to support your mentally, physically and emotionally.  Health & wellbeing is so much more than weight.  During this program, you will discover how to eat, rather than what to eat.  This will support your body’s natural regulation systems in working more effectively, so your digestive system and metabolism find balance.

Can my partner come to the relationships retreat?

Yes your partner can come to the retreat.  We can arrange registration for him/her.  Registration will depend on numbers, so booking early is essential.

What if I have questions or concerns about the modules?

This is what the group coaching is for.  It’s a chance to address any challenges you are having and to get feedback on new things you have tried and experimented with in the program.  Its also a chance to get to the heart of what is creating habits of self-sabotage.

My life is so full and busy already, how will I find time for this?

Once the program gets underway, you will find that you have more time.  You will regain time wasted with worry and stress for quality time. You will become clear on your priorities and how to set boundaries, so that you have the time you need, for you.

Is this course for me? Yes to any of these & this program is for you!

On the outside, you are a busy, organised and capable women who presents a calm & composed image to the world.

But inside:

  • You are so busy taking care of everything and everyone else, you forget about your own needs.
  • You feel depleted & possibly burnt out.
  • You lose your cool, feel bad about it, try to change, but then find yourself cranky & reactive again, which makes you feel worse.
  • Sometimes you can't sleep your head is so full & busy.
  • You are tired of drama and playing the role of peace keeper.
  • You work hard to keep up with everything, sometimes being hard on yourself.
  • You  want to act and feel differently, but you don't know where to start.
  • You crave some time for your self, but you don't want to be selfish.
This is an integration program and its definitely NOT about adding more to your "to do" list

Still not sure if this program is for you? Book an obligation free call with Tania to discuss your needs and see if this program is for you.

What are you waiting for? 

It's time for change. No one can take control but you.

AUD $72/wk *incl. or 

6 or 9 monthly options available for 9 month membership

Pay upfront and save.

The benefits of mindfulness are indisputable.  
To change the world, you need to be the change.
If you are ready to take control of your life and master your inner world, now is your time to shine.
No one can take control but you

I know you are busy

You have commitments, responsibilities, goals & dreams. You deserve to feel confident, calm & clear about who you are, what you need & how to live  in harmony with your self & everyone around you.