Green Smoothie Challenge 

7-day Green Smoothie Challenge - Improve your food and your mood & immune system will feel better.

23-30 January 2023

Green Smoothie Challenge

Feeling happy, healthy & calm is an inside job.⠀ Gut and brain health are linked via 500 million neurons of the nervous system.⠀

Supporting the digestive system with nutrient-dense, fibre-rich, energising and cleansing green smoothies for 7 days starts the inside process.⠀

Improve your food and your mood & your immune system will feel better.⠀

This event runs from Monday 23rd till Sunday 29th January 2023, with a livestream demo on Sunday 22nd January to kick off your challenge.⠀

Perfect for the wellbeing of your family, team or group.

Receive everything you need:

• A recipe book,

• Daily support emails &

• WhatApp chat group for troubleshooting and connection with others on the challenge

  • Reduce inflammation, headaches, bad breath & sluggishness. 
  • Support your immune system.
  • Increase energy, improve gut flora & lighten your state of mind.
  • The most under-consumed vegetable in the average Australian diet is leafy greens: A power house of nutrient dense goodness, leafy greens cleanse, detoxify & energise the body, nourishing microbiome that influence brain health.
  • No shakes, powders, pills or quick-fix gimmicks, just real, whole, fresh fruits and leafy greens.

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We will kick off at 9am on Sunday, 22nd January 2023 with a livestream session in which you will discover the tips & tricks to making the perfect green smoothie.  

Download your e-book, then look out for daily emails from Monday 23rd -29th January 2023

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